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Have wearables had their day?

Bluetooth bus ticketing trial in Britain

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Transforming retail with Bluetooth beacons

Nordic Comics: A Simple Explanation

First laptop with AirFuel wireless charging

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Firmware updates for smart technologies

Snapchat Spectacles: Success through scarcity marketing

IoT predictions for 2017

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The connected Christmas tree

Emergency personnel tracking

What's next for wearables?

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Connect your wearable to enhance customer experience

Improve battery life in Ultra Low Power wireless applications

Free IoT devices from your phone using IPv6

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Navigate inside tunnels with Bluetooth Beacons

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The next consumer IoT giant may surprise you

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Are you ready for the new industrial revolution?

Equipment tracking through integrated, open services

Is electronic skin the future of wearables?

Wearables could help manage children with autism

IoT jobs: The end of employment or new opportunities?

Introducing nearables: Personal portable beacons

Health record implants: Will we ever get there?

Is the Internet ready for IoT?

Could Governments spy on the Internet of Things?

Cool stuff: Bluetooth smart locks

Beware of botnets in the connected world

Which wearables are suited for batteryless operation?

Smart clothes and wearable technology: Just for professional athletes?

Spot on: What's next for personal location based services

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What is HomeKit?

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Internet of Things: Non-connected products are an endangered species

Wearable Product Security: What you need to know

Things you should know about Bluetooth range

Infographic: What is PAN, BAN, WAN and LPWAN?

What? Your coffee machine doesn't have an app?

6 wireless technologies for wearables

How can I pay my car tolls with my smartphone?

Flash memory and over-the-air firmware updates

Cool stuff: New IoT products in May 2016

Home Automation Security: Why secure solutions are essential for IoT

Which technology should I choose to connect my wearable device to a phone

Why doesn't my Smartphone Prompt me to Buy a Ticket at the Station?

The Importance of Average Power Consumption to Battery Life

Internet of Things: Beyond the Hype

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