Things You Should Know About Bluetooth Range

By Jon Gunnar Sponås February 7, 2018

Like all communication technologies, Bluetooth is a better fit for some applications than others. If you're considering using Bluetooth, here’s an outline of the primary factors that determine the effective range of Bluetooth communications, plus some ways to improve it with networking. This article is now updated with the addition of Bluetooth 5 performance.

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Android to fully support Bluetooth 5

By John Leonard November 8, 2017

Android users are set to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth 5 connectivity as the latest Oreo release includes full support for the standard.

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Make music with interactive Bluetooth touchpads

By Get Connected Blog August 2, 2017

These funky light touchpads are a fun way to get to grips with making music. Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to a smart app means you can get as creative as you want.

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The Bluetooth 5 trade-off

By Torbjørn Øvrebekk July 12, 2017

With faster speed, longer range, and higher bandwidth, Bluetooth 5 might seem like the perfect communications method. Yet with a close look, we can see that although Bluetooth offers important benefits, it’s not all things to all people.

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Bluetooth 5: What to expect

By John Leonard April 6, 2017

Bluetooth 5 has been designed with the next era of connectivity firmly in mind. It promises to revolutionize the scope of how we experience smart connected products going forward, but there are important things to understand about the new specification.

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The connected Christmas tree

By Get Connected Blog December 21, 2016

The Internet of Things has come to our Christmas decorations. These Bluetooth-enabled lights cost more but allow an almost endless variety of colors and effects to be controlled from your smartphone. But is it really necessary?

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Navigate inside tunnels with Bluetooth Beacons

By Get Connected Blog October 19, 2016

Satellite navigation has revolutionized the way we get around. It’s cheap, fast and easy to use. But there’s one fatal flaw in the system: It simply can’t work underground.

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Topics: beacons, Bluetooth, location

Cool stuff: Bluetooth smart locks

By Get Connected Blog July 19, 2016

In this series, we present some of the most exciting IoT products launched or in development. Let us inspire you on how the Internet of Things can benefit your business. This month we return to the exciting world of home automation to look at Bluetooth® smart locks.

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Spot on: What's next for personal location based services

By Torbjørn Øvrebekk June 23, 2016

Ever since smartphones first combined internet access and location in the same device, developers have worked hard to create better and smarter services to make lives easier. Emerging personal location based services just around the corner look set to change everything.

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