AntTail: Hassle-Free Temperature & Integrity Monitoring for Pharma

By Esten Jacobsen January 15, 2020

Nordic chips are at the heart of a Bluetooth solution for seamless temperature monitoring and anti-counterfeiting solution for the pharma and medical industries.

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The first digital pill is approved

By John Leonard January 3, 2018

American authorities have approved the world’s first digital pill. The pill will help doctors monitor that drugs have been taken, although some are concerned with privacy.

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How to design connected drug delivery devices

By Thomas Søderholm December 20, 2017

Connected drug delivery systems can improve quality of life for patients, reduce work for professionals, and save money for healthcare providers, but designing them can be difficult.

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EU GDPR: Privacy for connected medical devices

By Thomas Søderholm November 15, 2017

The impact of upcoming EU regulations on anyone who processes health data is huge. Here’s what medical IoT device manufacturers need to know about GDPR.

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Security of connected medical devices

By Pål Kastnes July 19, 2017

Connected devices have the potential to transform almost every aspect of medical care. Developments such as automation, enhanced monitoring and analytics, and increased patient safety promise major benefits to the healthcare industry. But there are risks to consider.

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Smarter medical monitoring

By Thomas Søderholm May 24, 2017

Connected smart devices are already helping millions of people live healthier lives. We’re only just scratching the surface of what can be done and the potential is there to transform medical care to bring ever greater benefits.

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Cool stuff: New IoT products in June 2016

By Get Connected Blog June 14, 2016

In this series, we will present some of the most exciting IoT products launched or in development. Let this inspire you on how the Internet of Things can benefit your own business.

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