Jon Gunnar Sponås

Jon Gunnar is the Technical Support Group Manager of Nordic Semiconductor. He graduated with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Radio communications at NTNU in 1999, and has been working at Nordic since 2001. His responsibility is to provide Nordics customers with world class technical support through online forums and face to face meetings.

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Things You Should Know About Bluetooth Range

By Jon Gunnar Sponås February 7, 2018

Like all communication technologies, Bluetooth is a better fit for some applications than others. If you're considering using Bluetooth, here’s an outline of the primary factors that determine the effective range of Bluetooth communications, plus some ways to improve it with networking. This article is now updated with the addition of Bluetooth 5 performance.

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Topics: range limitations, bluetooth

Improve battery life in Ultra Low Power wireless applications

By Jon Gunnar Sponås November 16, 2016

Battery life is one of the most important considerations when designing wireless products. If it is too short, users will have to charge or change batteries often, leading to frustration and possibly less use of the product. But as well as making sure your battery has enough capacity, you need to make sure your product is using it effectively.

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Topics: battery, power consumption, wireless technologies

Which wearables are suited for batteryless operation?

By Jon Gunnar Sponås July 5, 2016

One of the biggest issues with wearable technology is how to provide the power it needs to function without making it so heavy or bulky that people won’t use it. Battery technology is slowly getting smaller and more efficient, but recent advances in wearable technology mean that some devices could operate without any batteries at all.

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Topics: battery, wearables

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