Wireless monitoring keeps precise track of tank levels

By Alf Helge Omre June 16, 2021

Lack of fuel can still be inconvenient, disruptive, and even life-threatening. Wireless level sensors are making sure we never run out.

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Topics: wireless technologies

Wireless contact tracing highly relevant in a post-COVID-19 world

By Thomas Søderholm June 9, 2021

With vaccination numbers increasing and the pandemic starting to decline, wireless contact tracing looks to adapt to new applications.

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Topics: contact tracing

Semiconductor demand points to a ‘new normal’ when production challenges are resolved

By Geir Langeland June 2, 2021

When short-term wafer fab constraints are addressed and the pandemic has passed its peak, wireless IoT chip sales are likely to remain robust.

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Topics: Insider

The Difference Between Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

By Get Connected Blog May 26, 2021

The naming conventions for Bluetooth technologies have changed over the years and still cause confusion to this day. Here is everything you need to know.

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Topics: bluetooth

Power Profiler Kit II brings greater insight to wireless power consumption

By Pål Kastnes May 19, 2021

The PPK2 enables accurate instantaneous and average power consumption measurements for low-power embedded applications. It is also inexpensive and portable enough to be on every engineer's desk.

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Topics: power consumption

Micromobility solves 'last mile' problem and delivers whole new industry

By Alf Helge Omre May 12, 2021

Wireless-enhanced personal transport solutions are changing post-pandemic citywide transport and creating new business opportunities.

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Topics: micromobility, transport

Taking full advantage of Bluetooth 5 capabilities in Smartphones

By Get Connected Blog May 5, 2021

With Bluetooth 5 specifications containing many optional features, smartphone manufacturers can choose to support these features or not. Still, they may claim that their smartphones are Bluetooth 5 compatible.

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Topics: bluetooth5

How IoT-enabled predictive maintenance can support smart city infrastructure

By Lorenzo Amicucci April 28, 2021

Wireless technologies will help make critical equipment like elevators and transit systems more reliable as they endure increased strain post-COVID-19.

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Topics: predictive maintenance

The Importance of Product Certification

By Get Connected Blog April 20, 2021

Quality electronic devices for smart home and industrial applications include marks and labels indicating that they have passed a variety of important tests. With the rise of the maker movement, certification has never been more important.

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Topics: certification

How cellular IoT is transforming the dated water cooler

By Bjørn Kvaale April 16, 2021

Traditional water coolers using large plastic water containers are found everywhere, from offices to dentists to hairdressing salons. But they’re notoriously prone to relying on fixed vehicle delivery schedules that don’t match actual customer demand leading to routine over– and under-stocking.

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Topics: cellular IoT

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