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IoT Product Strategy Planning

Av Petter Myhre April 25, 2018

In the rush to hit the market with the latest and greatest technology, it’s tempting to cut corners in the product planning. But spending some time to take a strategic view is key to success.

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IoT Security: It’s time to talk

Av Pål Kastnes April 18, 2018

As the number of connected devices continues to soar, IoT security threats become ever more important. Let’s look at the security fundamentals for IoT.

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Topics: security

What is Cellular IoT?

Av Peder Rand April 11, 2018

As demand for ubiquitous connectivity for IoT devices gets ever stronger, cellular networks can deliver reliable and secure IoT services using existing network infrastructure.

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Topics: cellular

The Spy Inside the Smart Home

Av Get Connected Blog April 4, 2018

Is the smart home ready for mass consumption? One researcher wasn’t so sure when setting out to find out what data is going where in her connected apartment.

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Topics: smart home

How IoT is changing car insurance

Av Get Connected Blog March 28, 2018

Safe young drivers are often unfairly priced out of car insurance and therefore owning a car simply because of their age. One smart device could provide the answer.

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Topics: IoT

Particle Mesh to accelerate the Physical Internet

Av Pär Håkansson March 21, 2018

The internet for the physical world – sensors, motors, pumps and valves – takes another step forward with the launch of the Particle Mesh development kits.

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Topics: mesh

Smart Batteries: A market beyond the gadgets

Av John Leonard March 14, 2018

Could the next move for technology giants be into the home energy market? One energy consultant seems to think so.

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Topics: battery

Inside the Nordic Thingy

Av Pär Håkansson March 8, 2018

With more than 10,000 devices sold, Nordic Thingy:52 is a development kit helping developers and IoT entrepreneurs build the connected products of the future. Here is everything you need to know.

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Topics: thingy

Blockchain for IoT Security

Av Get Connected Blog February 28, 2018

With billions of connected devices filling our homes, workplaces and cities, security of data must keep pace. Could blockchain-based solutions offer a viable alternative to traditional methods?

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Topics: information security

Smart clothes: The connected jacket

Av John Leonard February 21, 2018

With the market for the first wave of wrist-worn wearables starting to mature, now’s the time to start getting creative. Will Levi’s and Google manage to take smart clothing into the mainstream?

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Topics: wearables, bluetooth

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