‘State-of-the-heart’ wireless solutions improve cardiac health monitoring

By Thomas Søderholm April 14, 2021

Low power wireless technology is pumping up the potential of next-generation cardiac monitoring solutions to diagnose and treat heart conditions. These connected healthcare devices will provide hope for millions of coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, and congestive heart failure patients around the world.

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Topics: healthcare

How cellular IoT is transforming the dated water cooler

By Bjørn Kvaale April 7, 2021

Traditional water coolers using large plastic water containers are found everywhere, from offices to dentists to hairdressing salons. But they’re notoriously prone to relying on fixed vehicle delivery schedules that don’t match actual customer demand leading to routine over– and under-stocking.

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Topics: cellular IoT

First nRF5340 modules eliminate processor trade-off for developers

By Alf Helge Omre March 31, 2021

Single processor solutions will inevitably have to trade-off the processor's computational power against its efficiency. When that trade-off becomes too great, developers look towards dual-core solutions.

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Topics: nRF5340, dual-core processors

Finding your way with Bluetooth

By Get Connected Blog March 24, 2021

Bluetooth Direction Finding feature brings the possibility of absolute positioning of products and things in three-dimensional space to the world of low-power wireless connectivity.

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Topics: Direction finding

Direction Finding solutions now ready for developers

By Pål Kastnes March 17, 2021

New frequency- and protocol-agnostic technology consisting of proprietary software, hardware, and antennas make it easier for developers to incorporate RF-based location finding into their latest products.

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Topics: Direction finding

Cellular IoT powers smart grid future

By Lorenzo Amicucci March 10, 2021

Existing cellular infrastructure now enables remote monitoring of wide-scale electricity transmission and distribution networks. The added value is identifying and pinpointing faults as soon as they occur or even before they occur.

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Topics: cellular IoT

Apple releases HomeKit with Thread networking protocol

By Krzysztof Loska March 3, 2021

The newest Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol specification opens strategic and marketing opportunities for Nordic customers. Nordic SW and HW support the extended HomeKit with both Thread and Bluetooth LE options.

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Topics: homekit, smart home

The IoT is the new normal

By Svein-Egil Nielsen February 24, 2021

Covid-19 has put a rocket under global IoT adoption as governments, businesses, and organizations have turned to technology to remain viable.

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Topics: medical, healthcare

Smart limbs make heroes by design

By Thomas Søderholm February 17, 2021

By combining cost-effective 3D printing with affordable electronics and wireless technology, new accessibility solutions empower children with limb differences.

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Topics: medical

Connected construction sites enhance productivity

By Alf Helge Omre February 10, 2021

Low power wireless tech-based solutions can help instigate a productivity boost in the construction sector. Companies could take advantage of real-time field reporting by connecting and tracking materials, equipment, and, most importantly, workers at the construction site.

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Topics: wearables, mesh, asset tracking

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