Things You Should Know About Bluetooth Range

By Jon Gunnar Sponås January 25, 2023

Like all communication technologies, Bluetooth is a better fit for some applications than others. If you're considering using Bluetooth, here’s an outline of the primary factors that determine the effective range of Bluetooth communications, plus some ways to improve it with networking. This article is now updated with the addition of Bluetooth 5 performance.

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Topics: Bluetooth Low Energy

Battling blazes with the IoT

By Thomas Søderholm January 18, 2023

Wildfires have always been a part of human history, but there has been a significant increase in their severity and frequency over the past few decades. And this trend is only set to get worse, with UN researchers noting that wildfire events will become 50 percent more common by the end of the century.

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Topics: NB-IoT, cellular IoT, ML

Smart toy manufacturers enhance wireless educational gameplay

By Bjørn Kvaale January 11, 2023

The world needs educated children to help solve major challenges. But what does a well-rounded, effective education look like? There is scientific evidence to suggest that the key developmental benefit of play is an important part of a holistic education.

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Topics: Bluetooth Low Energy, Sustainability

What’s next for Wi-Fi?

By Ioannis Glaropoulos January 4, 2023

Wi-Fi 6 has brought significant enhancements to IoT applications, but the Wi-Fi Alliance is already working ahead.

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Topics: Matter, Wi-Fi

Farmed animal asset tracking with wireless tech

By Clay Hine December 21, 2022

It is hard to think of a profession facing a more trying set of circumstances than farming. Climate change has brought higher temperatures and lower winter rainfall. Soil erosion, a loss of biodiversity, as well as myriad pests and diseases add to the farmer’s burden.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, asset tracking

How Industrial IoT and ML are powering Industry 4.0

By Lorenzo Amicucci December 14, 2022

The Industrial Revolution began in Britain sometime around 1760. It ushered in a period where coal-fired steam engines powered increased mechanization and productivity and transformed a largely agrarian society into a manufacturing one.

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Topics: AI, Sustainability, ML

Winners aim to build a smarter sustainable world with Bluetooth LE

By Linda Pettersson December 7, 2022

The natural resources around us represent the basis for all human activity on Earth. We use these resources to produce food, clean drinking water, clothes, electrical energy, and everything else we need to survive. But these resources are limited.

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Topics: smart home, Bluetooth Low Energy, Sustainability

Agriculture gets smart with cellular IoT and Bluetooth LE

By Clay Hine November 30, 2022

The global agricultural and farming industry is facing a perfect storm. Earlier this month, the world population hit eight billion for the first time, in the two weeks since it has grown another 1.5 million. That is a lot of extra mouths to feed when there are already 690 million people going hungry, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, Sustainability

Smart circularity promises a less wasteful future

By Linda Pettersson November 23, 2022

Since the 1980s the pace of development in the global electronics industry has outstripped that of practically any other industry. It has become a leading sector of the economy for some countries and a heavyweight contributor to total industrial production in many others. The industry’s race is far from run. Consumer electronics alone is a trillion-dollar industry that is expanding every year, and the connectivity explosion brought by the IoT will further expand electronics’ reach. 

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Topics: cellular IoT, Sustainability

Towards a battery-free world for cellular IoT and other wireless technologies

By Martin Lesund November 16, 2022

Energy harvesting will reduce the constant battery replacements in IoT sensors, benefitting maintenance engineers and future generations alike.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Sustainability

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