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Authentication 101: A Question of Trust

Av Ken Lam August 15, 2018

Establishing the true identity of the other party is a fundamental security principle for IoT developers. Let’s take a dive into the basics.

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Topics: security, authentication

Are We Ready to Trust Healthcare AI?

Av Get Connected Blog August 8, 2018

Data-assisted healthcare could transform the way problems are diagnosed, but are we ready for that? Issues of trust may hold back progress, but Edge technology will show the way forward.

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Topics: healthcare

Nordic Comics: The office move

Av Heidi Suul August 3, 2018


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Topics: comics

Are There Too Many Wireless Standards?

Av Get Connected Blog August 1, 2018

From ANT to Zigbee, short-range wireless standards are everywhere these days. But looking at the history of technological innovation, we can say that consolidation is inevitable.

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Topics: wireless technologies

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Av Get Connected Blog July 19, 2018

Are wearables about to transition from trendy lifestyle gadgets into lifesavers? Data-assisted healthcare could transform the way doctors diagnose problems.

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Topics: healthcare

IoT Product Range Planning

Av Petter Myhre July 11, 2018

Go beyond one product and offer your customers a range of options. This helps leverage your existing product development and increases the likelihood of meeting your customers’ needs.

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Creating Coders of the Future

Av Get Connected Blog July 4, 2018

The CEO of Micro:bit joins us to talk about their mission to inspire kids around the world to get connected following their latest rollout in Denmark.

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Topics: microbit

Vodafone Betting Big on NB-IoT

Av John Leonard June 27, 2018

The IoT boss of one of Europe’s biggest telecoms companies is committing to NB-IoT, believing it is “the telecoms standard that will drive many of the products and services of the future.”

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Topics: cellular

The evolution of Bluetooth audio

Av John Leonard June 13, 2018

Once known only for its audio capabilities, Bluetooth has evolved into a truly versatile wireless communications protocol. Yet the next chapter of Bluetooth sets the stage for audio to make a spectacular return.

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Topics: bluetooth

Bluetooth 5 in Smartphones

Av John Leonard June 6, 2018

We are about to experience the tipping point in support for Bluetooth 5 among the most critical of user devices: the smartphone.

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Topics: bluetooth5

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