Transforming warehouse management

By Clay Hine March 29, 2023

Warehouse inventory management can be complex enough on modest scales, but the exponential surge in online shopping triggered by the pandemic and continuing has made things much more challenging. Volumes of warehouse stock have gone through the roof – or at least right up to the rafters.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi

Micromobility is changing the face of urban transport

By Clay Hine March 22, 2023

Even before Covid-19, consumers and cities valued the benefits of lightweight, low-speed personal vehicles. But the pandemic underscored the importance of safe, flexible, and sustainable travel options. Now wireless-enhanced personal transport solutions are riding their way into the mainstream transport picture, creating new business opportunities in the process.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, Sustainability, ML

Home-grown food production gets smart

By Thomas Søderholm March 15, 2023

Humans invented agriculture some 10,000 years ago. And it was the practice that formed the cornerstone of civilization; because we could stay in one place instead of roaming for food, communities grew and there was more time to do many other constructive things. And yet, today there are some two billion people worldwide who are moderately or severely food insecure (according to Our World in Data, an online publication). The United Nations (UN) has set to combat this through a key sustainability goal of zero hunger by 2030.

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Topics: smart home, Bluetooth Low Energy, Sustainability

Smart lights bring cuts to carbon emissions

By Nasrin Ghanbari March 8, 2023

Lighting is as essential to civilized society as clear air and clean water. In the absence of sunlight, artificial light allows us to carry on doing everything we’d do during the day - even things like motor racing, skiing, and golf. But not without some impact.

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Topics: Bluetooth Low Energy, Sustainability

Using edge processing and LPWANs to make the most of the IoT

By Martin Lesund March 1, 2023

Back in the 1960s, the early days of Industry 3.0 saw a major upswing in data collection. For example, the multinational IT company IBM developed computers to specifically record and process data with machines like the IBM 7700 Data Acquisition System. The computer could simultaneously collect and analyze the data from 32 different sources.

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Topics: cellular IoT, ML

Mining industry overcomes technical challenges to embrace IoT

By Clay Hine February 22, 2023

Estimates vary widely, but according to a range of analysts there are approximately 15 billion connected IoT devices deployed in 2023.  Even using the more conservative predictions, this will double by the end of the decade.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Industrial IoT

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