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Edge & Fog Computing Explained

Av John Leonard January 17, 2018

By crunching data at or near its source, resources that may not be continuously connected to a network such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and sensors can be utilized to optimize Cloud computing systems.

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Rapid prototyping: Develop the next great IoT app

Av Pär Håkansson January 10, 2018

With 30 billion connected devices expected by 2020, IoT apps will need to be developed fast. But do we have the talent and time to meet that demand?

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The first digital pill is approved

Av John Leonard January 3, 2018

American authorities have approved the world’s first digital pill. The pill will help doctors monitor that drugs have been taken, although some are concerned with privacy.

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Cellular IoT to power smart meters

Av Get Connected Blog December 27, 2017

Industry leaders are encouraging European mobile operators to accelerate the rollout of low-power wide-area networks to take advantage of the growing interest in smart energy solutions.

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How to design connected drug delivery devices

Av Thomas Søderholm December 20, 2017

Connected drug delivery systems can improve quality of life for patients, reduce work for professionals, and save money for healthcare providers, but designing them can be difficult.

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Bluetooth 5 Advertising Extensions

Av Torbjørn Øvrebekk December 13, 2017

Bluetooth 5’s benefits are about much more than increased speed and extended range. Low energy advertising extensions are also a major enhancement.

Advertisements are used by devices to broadcast data and information that can be discovered and processed by observer devices. This means information can be broadcast to multiple devices at the same time, as opposed to connected Bluetooth devices, which only allow peer-to-peer communication.

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Smarter homes with Samsung and Bluetooth

Av John Leonard December 6, 2017

The vice president of Bluetooth Special Interest Group said that he expects to see mesh networking technology play a bigger role in the smart home technologies being developed by the South Korean tech giants.

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BlueBorne: Lessons learned

Av Get Connected Blog November 29, 2017

Now that the dust has settled a little on BlueBorne, we take a look at how it came to be, its impact, and whether Nordic Semiconductor customers should be concerned. Read on for the full story.

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Topics: security

Real-time translation a step closer

Av John Leonard November 22, 2017

In-ear machine translation may seem like something from sci-fi shows, but the Bluetooth low energy powered technology is improving fast.

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Nordic Comics: Trade show virgin

Av Heidi Suul November 17, 2017

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