Advanced Medical Monitoring: High Performance, Low Power

By Get Connected Blog January 2, 2020


This ring-based smart pulse oximeter provides continuous key health data such as blood oxygen and heart rate updates with great battery life. Nordic’s nRF52832 SoC makes it possible.

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Smart clothes: The connected jacket

By John Leonard February 21, 2018

With the market for the first wave of wrist-worn wearables starting to mature, now’s the time to start getting creative. Will Levi’s and Google manage to take smart clothing into the mainstream?

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Usability of mobile payments

By Kjetil Holstad September 13, 2017

As cash transactions decline, mobile payments are the hot new FinTech. They can even be incorporated into smart devices, but users will only embrace them if they’re quick, secure, and simple to use.

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Have wearables had their day?

By Get Connected Blog March 29, 2017

It seems trendy to say that the first wave of wearable tech has peaked. But with great advances being made in mobile payments and cellular connectivity, we think the market for such devices is only just beginning.

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Crowd tracking: Finding a needle in a haystack

By Alf Helge Omre March 15, 2017

Nearables are helping to prevent the loss of valuable items, but what happens when you move out of range? Crowd tracking is an interesting possibility.

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Snapchat Spectacles: Success through scarcity marketing

By Get Connected Blog January 25, 2017

Launched just weeks ago, Snapchat spectacles have taken the world by storm, even though – and probably because – very few people have managed to get their hands on a pair yet.

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Emergency personnel tracking

By John Leonard December 14, 2016

Firefighters, security guards and health workers routinely risk their lives whilst trying to protect people and their property from harm. It’s vital that risks are minimized as much as possible. Technological advances present new ways to help meet this need.

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What's next for wearables?

By Get Connected Blog December 7, 2016

If you don’t yet own a wearable, you soon will if the latest industry research is anything to go by. Smart devices for the body are one of the fastest growing markets in tech, but what does the future hold?

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Connect your wearable to enhance customer experience

By Thomas Søderholm November 23, 2016

It can be hard to find new ways to differentiate your wearable technology, especially in established markets. Making a product smart by connecting to the Internet of Things can unlock a world of possibilities for both users and creators and for once, the benefits don’t end once the product leaves the factory.

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Hearables: More than just headphones

By Get Connected Blog October 26, 2016

While Bluetooth headsets were the original wearable, in-ear technology has largely stood still since then. Until now. We take a look at some of the emerging contenders in the new market for hearables, which go way beyond music playback and seek to improve your workflow and your personal health.

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