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SVP Legal & Compliance, Chair of Nordic Semiconductor ESG Committee

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Winners aim to build a smarter sustainable world with Bluetooth LE

By Linda Pettersson December 7, 2022

The natural resources around us represent the basis for all human activity on Earth. We use these resources to produce food, clean drinking water, clothes, electrical energy, and everything else we need to survive. But these resources are limited.

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Topics: smart home, Bluetooth Low Energy, Sustainability

Smart circularity promises a less wasteful future

By Linda Pettersson November 23, 2022

Since the 1980s the pace of development in the global electronics industry has outstripped that of practically any other industry. It has become a leading sector of the economy for some countries and a heavyweight contributor to total industrial production in many others. The industry’s race is far from run. Consumer electronics alone is a trillion-dollar industry that is expanding every year, and the connectivity explosion brought by the IoT will further expand electronics’ reach. 

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Topics: cellular IoT, Sustainability

Designing IoT products for many years of service

By Linda Pettersson September 15, 2022

When electronic devices stop working, our immediate reaction tends to be to bin them and buy something new. But this throwaway culture is not good for the planet, and we need to think differently. If devices lasted longer and were easier to fix, they could provide many years of good service before recycling. That saves precious materials and the energy needed to manufacture new products.

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Topics: Sustainability

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