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Pål Kastnes joined Nordic in March 2015. He has 18 years of experience from the embedded systems market working in several areas. This includes IC design, system verification, production testing and device specification on the factory side. He spent 6 years as a key account manager embedded within the sales organization for the Asian market based out of Tokyo, Japan. The last years he has been driving training programs globally as well as providing key account support for EMEA. His main focus now Trainings and user experience, focusing on ease of use of all the elements involved in the design process of connected devices.

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How to optimize energy efficiency in smart devices

Av Pål Kastnes November 1, 2017

Taking accurate measurements is the first step to optimise energy efficiency, while finding ways to move as much of your processing as possible into dedicated hardware modules can cut your power usage by a surprising amount.

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Topics: power consumption

Power consumption explained

Av Pål Kastnes October 25, 2017

Talking about power consumption can be like running into a minefield of misconception, prejudice and marketing buzzwords. Determining what all the statements mean in reality is not always an easy task. 

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Topics: power consumption

Security for smart homes

Av Pål Kastnes July 26, 2017

Simplifying our lives and saving time is becoming increasingly important in the modern home. In the rush to connect everything, it’s important we don’t forget to focus on the most vital piece of the puzzle: security.

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Topics: security

Security of connected medical devices

Av Pål Kastnes July 19, 2017

Connected devices have the potential to transform almost every aspect of medical care. Developments such as automation, enhanced monitoring and analytics, and increased patient safety promise major benefits to the healthcare industry. But there are risks to consider.

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Topics: medical

Connected lights for the smart home

Av Pål Kastnes May 3, 2017

Connected lights are an entry point to a smart home for many consumers. The integral power supply of a mains lighting system in the home makes it an obvious backbone for a smart home meshed network.

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Topics: home automation

Hearables: The connected hearing aid

Av Pål Kastnes November 30, 2016


Hearing aids of the past limited the wearer’s access to many personal audio devices such as mobile phones and music players. Emerging solutions enable the hearing-impaired to fully utilize their smartphone and improve their listening experience all day long.

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Topics: hearables

The next consumer IoT giant may surprise you

Av Pål Kastnes October 5, 2016

Amazon isn’t the first company that springs to mind as a pioneer of consumer IoT devices, but the online giant is about to make a major splash in the market. We take a closer look at several new products.

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Topics: IoT

Introducing nearables: Personal portable beacons

Av Pål Kastnes August 16, 2016

As adoption of proximity technology gathers pace, the next generation of beacons have already hit the market. Thinner, lighter, more portable and equipped with sensors, “nearables” open up a whole new range of possibilities for keen app developers.

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Topics: beacons

Health record implants: Will we ever get there?

Av Pål Kastnes August 9, 2016

You arrive at the hospital in critical condition. The sound of voices, beeps and alarms surrounds you as you lie unconscious on the hospital bed. Nurses are running round checking your blood pressure, pulse and other vital signs to assess the extent of your injuries. But what don’t they know?

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Topics: IoT

Infographic: What is PAN, BAN, WAN and LPWAN?

Av Pål Kastnes May 31, 2016

An infographic of 4 types of area networks you need to know about: PAN, BAN, WAN and LPWAN.

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Topics: network technologies, wan, pan, lpwan, ban

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