Educating the next generation of coders

By Bjørn Kvaale January 12, 2022

Hardware and software engineers will be the lifeblood of tomorrow's connected world. Academia is working hard to ensure a steady supply, in part by adapting engineering education to train the next generation of IoT innovators.

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Digital education initiative empowers disadvantaged students in Nigeria

By Bjørn Kvaale October 20, 2021

Digital literacy is an essential cog in the wheel of ongoing innovation. And as the digital landscape grows and changes, the importance of providing high-quality technical education coupled with inspiration for young people is becoming increasingly evident.

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Wireless education tools help drive economic growth

By Petter Myhre September 23, 2020

Continued global economic growth requires a productive, innovative workforce comprising highly skilled coders, developers, and engineers in every field. To prepare young people for this future, teachers turn to interactive and interdisciplinary science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (‘STEAM’) education.

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