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John Leonard has a B.Sc (Hons) in Electronics and Computing from the University of Portsmouth in the UK. Leonard currently works as Tactical Marketing Manager in Product Management with responsibility for product support needs and staff training requirements. He has worked in various roles in the 12 years he has been with Nordic Semiconductor, including Field Applications Engineer and Regional Sales Manager in both US and Europe. Previously he has worked in Systems & Software within the defense industry. Outside of work Leonard enjoys playing guitar, reading and playing football.

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An introduction to wireless charging

Av John Leonard July 5, 2017

Wireless charging provides a convenient, safe, and reliable way to keep smart devices at home, in the workplace and in industry powered and ready to use. Here’s what you need to know.

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Topics: wireless charging

Bluetooth 5 in Samsung Smartphone

Av John Leonard May 18, 2017

Smartphones play such a key role in most Bluetooth products that their adoption of new Bluetooth features is always eagerly anticipated. The recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a major step towards widespread adoption of Bluetooth 5.

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Topics: bluetooth

Bluetooth 5: What to expect

Av John Leonard April 6, 2017

Bluetooth 5 has been designed with the next era of connectivity firmly in mind. It promises to revolutionize the scope of how we experience smart connected products going forward, but there are important things to understand about the new specification.

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Topics: bluetooth

Transforming retail with Bluetooth beacons

Av John Leonard March 8, 2017

Bluetooth beacons offer a great opportunity for many industries to work more efficiently and improve their offering to customers. One of the most interesting applications is in the world of retail, where the phrase ‘know your customer’ is taking on a whole new meaning.

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Topics: beacons

Emergency personnel tracking

Av John Leonard December 14, 2016

Firefighters, security guards and health workers routinely risk their lives whilst trying to protect people and their property from harm. It’s vital that risks are minimized as much as possible. Technological advances present new ways to help meet this need.

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Topics: wearables

New home automation solutions: Exploring the smart aware home

Av John Leonard November 2, 2016

The smart homes of today already allow us to control lighting and heating, turn on the coffee machine from the bedroom, and make energy savings during the night. The next level of home automation systems requires not just a smart home, but a smart aware home.

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Topics: home automation

Ultra Low Power: Separating hype from reality

Av John Leonard October 12, 2016

The phrase ‘Ultra Low Power’ gets thrown around a lot in IoT circles these days. It’s a useful descriptor in some cases, but mostly it’s nothing more than a buzzword that can be ignored in the product development process. Let’s look at why.

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Topics: IoT

Internet of Things: Non-connected products are an endangered species

Av John Leonard June 9, 2016

The fast-paced world of technology lets us create products and services that would have been impossible to imagine just a few years ago. With the smartphone market booming, consumers are now connected to the internet everywhere they go. Over the next few years, this will give rise to an even wider range of connected products and services.

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Topics: IoT

Wearable Product Security: What you need to know

Av John Leonard June 7, 2016

Today’s consumers have a great appetite for the hottest new gadgets. New wearables and smartphones sell quickly, in huge numbers. They also collect huge amounts of data about users, such as where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing. But there are increasing concerns about the security of all of this data. Who has access to it, and how will it be used?

Security issues should always be taken seriously. Your company can incur serious damage by ignoring laws relating to security or failing to deal with issues that come to light. Not only will it damage the reputation of your brand, you may also face costs from returns, chargebacks and falling sales or even legal action and fines.

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Topics: wearables, security

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