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Pär Håkansson

Pär Håkansson holds an M.Sc. EE and a Technical Licentiate degree in communication electronics from Linköping University. Pär has extensive engineering experience starting as a RF Application Engineer. He spent the last decade in the low power wireless industry, holding positions in both research and business/marketing. Pär Håkansson joined Nordic Semiconductor in 2015 as a product marketing manager. Pär currently lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife and kids, and in his spare time he enjoys fishing and training.

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Get started with the Nordic Thingy

Av Pär Håkansson June 14, 2017

Our new development kit allows everyone from beginner entrepreneurs to experienced software developers to prototype an IoT project. Here are several ways you could get started today.

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Develop IoT products with ease

Av Pär Håkansson June 6, 2017

Keen entrepreneurs can now test out IoT ideas without any programming or hardware knowledge. The Nordic Thingy:52 is the development kit the IoT was waiting for!

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Bluetooth bus ticketing trial in Britain

Av Pär Håkansson March 22, 2017

Bus passengers in a town in northern England are testing a mobile ticketing system that uses Bluetooth beacons and a smartphone app instead of buying a ticket.

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Firmware updates for smart technologies

Av Pär Håkansson February 1, 2017

In the fast-moving world of the Internet of Things, it’s more important than ever to make sure you can keep your products up to date quickly, securely and easily. Updating firmware remotely brings benefits to both companies and consumers.

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Free IoT devices from your phone using IPv6

Av Pär Håkansson November 9, 2016

As more connected devices come onto the market there is a growing need to ensure that IoT devices can stand on their own two feet, and not rely on connections that might not always be available. IPv6 is the technology that will achieve this.

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What? Your coffee machine doesn't have an app?

Av Pär Håkansson May 26, 2016

It may be tempting to brush aside such questions as geeky nonsense. But if you're an appliance manufacturer, try rephrasing it like this: Why doesn't the coffee machine that I make have an app? If your customers haven’t started asking already for it already, they soon will.

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Why doesn't my Smartphone Prompt me to Buy a Ticket at the Station?

Av Pär Håkansson May 3, 2016

App development for railway stations and train operators is nothing new. Live departure times and reservations have been available as apps for a while, but it’s still primarily a manual process.
Wouldn’t it be better to just have the app prompt your purchase as soon as you reach the station? Of course it would, and although the technology is available, we are not quite ready for such a change.

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