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Security of connected medical devices

Av Pål Kastnes July 19, 2017

Connected devices have the potential to transform almost every aspect of medical care. Developments such as automation, enhanced monitoring and analytics, and increased patient safety promise major benefits to the healthcare industry. But there are risks to consider.

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The Bluetooth 5 trade-off

Av Torbjørn Øvrebekk July 12, 2017

With faster speed, longer range and higher bandwidth, Bluetooth 5 might seem like the perfect communications method. Yet with a close look, we can see that although Bluetooth offers important benefits, it’s not all things to all people.

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An introduction to wireless charging

Av John Leonard July 5, 2017

Wireless charging provides a convenient, safe, and reliable way to keep smart devices at home, in the workplace and in industry powered and ready to use. Here’s what you need to know.

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Nordic Comics: The IT-Department

Av Heidi Suul June 30, 2017

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Building a mesh network

Av Eirik Midttun June 28, 2017

Wireless mesh networking is nothing new. After more than a decade of development and disappointing performance, low power mesh networking is finally with us.

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The human factors of implementing IoT projects

Av Get Connected Blog June 21, 2017

A new study from Cisco reveals that almost three-quarters of IoT projects are facing failure. Reasons for success were more to do with people and relationships than technology.

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Nordic Comics: Open Source Cake

Av Heidi Suul June 16, 2017

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Get started with the Nordic Thingy

Av Pär Håkansson June 14, 2017

Our new development kit allows everyone from beginner entrepreneurs to experienced software developers to prototype an IoT project. Here are several ways you could get started today.

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Develop IoT products with ease

Av Pär Håkansson June 6, 2017

Keen entrepreneurs can now test out IoT ideas without any programming or hardware knowledge. The Nordic Thingy:52 is the development kit the IoT was waiting for!

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Voice control in the smart home

Av Kjetil Holstad June 1, 2017

In just a few short years, voice control has finally come of age as a technology that can make a real difference in people’s lives. With the tech now in place, what does the future hold for voice automation in the smart home?

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Topics: home automation

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