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Wired or wireless technologies: The trade-off

Av John Leonard September 20, 2017

Industrial and commercial environments are embracing wireless technologies which add value and new services. But cabled connections still have a vital part to play for big business.

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Topics: wireless technologies

Usability of mobile payments

Av Kjetil Holstad September 13, 2017

As cash transactions decline, mobile payments are the hot new FinTech. They can even be incorporated into smart devices, but users will only embrace them if they’re quick, secure, and simple to use.

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Topics: payment processing, wearables

Wireless charging: Inside the technology

Av John Leonard September 6, 2017

Wireless charging is all the rage at technology shows, but device manufacturers have a clear choice to make between different methods. Here we take a look in detail at the choices.

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Topics: wireless charging

Bluetooth mesh in lighting: What comes next?

Av Alf Helge Omre August 30, 2017

Mesh networking with Bluetooth has a bright future. By taking advantage of existing lighting systems you open the door to huge added value possibilities, both for your business and its customers.

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Topics: mesh

Mesh networks in the smart home

Av Eirik Midttun August 22, 2017

Mesh networks offer great advantages for IoT in the business world. They allow larger-scale deployments to be achieved easier and cheaper than regular networking models. But things are different in the smart home.

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Topics: home automation, mesh

Wireless charging: The race to market

Av John Leonard August 16, 2017

With proven wireless charging technologies available, what’s stopping the widespread adoption of a wire-free world? Furniture manufacturers have a unique opportunity to lead the market.

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Topics: wireless charging

Nordic Comics: One module to rule them all

Av Heidi Suul August 11, 2017

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Topics: comics

Beacons go live at London's Gatwick Airport

Av Get Connected Blog August 9, 2017

The UK’s second busiest airport has installed 2,000 Bluetooth beacons to help its passengers find their way around. We asked the technology provider about how the technology works, and what’s coming next.

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Topics: beacons

Make music with interactive Bluetooth touchpads

Av Get Connected Blog August 2, 2017

These funky light touchpads are a fun way to get to grips with making music. Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to a smart app means you can get as creative as you want.

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Topics: bluetooth

Security for smart homes

Av Pål Kastnes July 26, 2017

Simplifying our lives and saving time is becoming increasingly important in the modern home. In the rush to connect everything, it’s important we don’t forget to focus on the most vital piece of the puzzle: security.

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Topics: security

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