COVID-19 battle inspires rethink on IoT privacy

By Svein-Egil Nielsen September 16, 2020

The critical need for contact tracing as part of the battle to fight the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the IoT revolution by helping to break down opposition to why, how and where personal data is used.

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Topics: privacy

Bluetooth Mesh for Industrial IoT

By Torbjørn Øvrebekk September 9, 2020

Bluetooth Mesh lays a framework for large-scale industrial deployments using technology that is already secure, reliable, and supported by all smartphones.

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Topics: mesh, bluetooth mesh

Why does the nRF5340 have two cores?

By Eirik Midttun September 2, 2020

A device with two user-accessible processor cores may seem a bit excessive, but when you understand why Nordic has spent millions of R&D dollars bringing nRF5340 to market, you’ll see it’s anything but.

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Topics: nRF5340

End-device certified embedded modems ease path to cellular IoT

By Petter Myhre August 26, 2020

By simplifying design and certification, low power cellular IoT applications can move from concept to deployment in just a few weeks.

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Topics: cellular IoT, certification

Using wireless tech to track goods in transit

By Alf Helge Omre August 19, 2020

Sophisticated technology is now on hand to track goods in transit, not only instruct where a parcel is on its journey but also to log and report what conditions and events it has been subjected to.

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Topics: cellular IoT, asset tracking

Mesh networks explained

By Torbjørn Øvrebekk August 12, 2020

Dig below the hype and you’ll discover there are real benefits to mesh networking.

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Topics: mesh

Improve battery life in Ultra Low Power wireless applications

By Jon Gunnar Sponås August 5, 2020

Battery life is one of the most important considerations when designing wireless products. If it is too short, users will have to charge or change batteries often, leading to frustration and possibly less use of the product. But as well as making sure your battery has enough capacity, you need to make sure your product is using it effectively.

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Topics: battery, power consumption, wireless technologies

Power consumption explained

By Pål Kastnes July 29, 2020

Talking about power consumption can be like running into a minefield of misconception, prejudice and marketing buzzwords. Determining what all the statements mean in reality is not always an easy task. 

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Topics: power consumption

Wireless IoT Architecture

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien July 22, 2020

Before evaluating the various connectivity options for your IoT project, it’s important to understand the functional architecture of IoT solutions.

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Topics: connectivity

Flash memory and over-the-air firmware updates

By Pål Kastnes July 15, 2020

When designing your product, it’s crucial that you choose a memory technology that lets you update your firmware easily. Otherwise, you may have to scrap a lot of products if you find errors. If this happens after they've been shipped to end customers, the negative impacts will be severe.

Firmware is held in non-volatile memory such as ROM, EPROM or flash memory. Let’s take a closer look at one of them: flash memory, which enables device firmware updates (DFU) and the advantages that this gives.

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Topics: flash memory, OTA, Over-The-Air Updates

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