The IoT is the new normal

By Svein-Egil Nielsen February 24, 2021

Covid-19 has put a rocket under global IoT adoption as governments, businesses, and organizations have turned to technology to remain viable.

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Topics: medical, healthcare

Smart limbs make heroes by design

By Thomas Søderholm February 17, 2021

By combining cost-effective 3D printing with affordable electronics and wireless technology, new accessibility solutions empower children with limb differences.

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Topics: medical

Connected construction sites enhance productivity

By Alf Helge Omre February 10, 2021

Low power wireless tech-based solutions can help instigate a productivity boost in the construction sector. Companies could take advantage of real-time field reporting by connecting and tracking materials, equipment, and, most importantly, workers at the construction site.

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Topics: wearables, mesh, asset tracking

The world of wireless smart music

By Vince Hagen February 3, 2021

With low power short-range wireless technology, the Internet of Musical Things will ensure the next decade for music is unlike anything we have previously seen in our lifetimes.

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Topics: wireless technologies, wireless music

Key collaboration fast-tracks smart home vision

By Pär Håkansson January 27, 2021

Promoted by the 150 companies forming the Zigbee Alliance, Project CHIP could play a pivotal role in invigorating the relatively young smart home sector.

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Topics: smart home, Project CHIP

New micro:bit V2 offers much more to tomorrow’s innovators

By Bjørn Kvaale January 20, 2021

As children grow up in an increasingly connected world, it’s essential they understand not only the potential but also the inherent risks of emerging connected technologies. By getting hands-on with wireless educational devices like the Nordic-powered next generation ‘micro:bit V2’, the innovators of tomorrow can learn those lessons today.

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Topics: microbit, nRF52833

Digital diagnostics and IoT connectivity a potential COVID-19 game-changer

By Thomas Søderholm January 13, 2021

Advanced digital diagnostics combined with IoT connectivity comes in handy when fighting a global pandemic's severe impacts.

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Topics: medical

Has UWB found its killer application?

By Pål Kastnes January 6, 2021

UWB is emerging as the best solution for precise distance measurement in social distancing applications.

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Topics: uwb

Tested by Nordic: Bluetooth Long Range

By Get Connected Blog December 23, 2020

In this popular article first published in 2018, we demystify the long range capabilities of Bluetooth Low Energy with a range test you can repeat for yourself.

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Topics: bluetooth5

One step closer to Bluetooth LE Audio

By Kjetil Holstad December 16, 2020

The Bluetooth SIG unveils the codec that will help power LE Audio’s enhanced sound.

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Topics: LE Audio

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