AntTail: Hassle-Free Temperature & Integrity Monitoring for Pharma

By Esten Jacobsen January 15, 2020

Nordic chips are at the heart of a Bluetooth solution for seamless temperature monitoring and anti-counterfeiting solution for the pharma and medical industries.

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Topics: medical, bluetooth

LE Audio unveiled as the next generation of Bluetooth audio, and Nordic will be a key player.

By John Leonard January 7, 2020

LE Audio is the latest specification development announcement from The Bluetooth SIG. It is one of the biggest things to happen to Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth Low Energy because LE Audio will move away from Bluetooth classic to Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

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Topics: Bluetooth Low Energy, LE Audio

Advanced Medical Monitoring: High Performance, Low Power

By Get Connected Blog January 2, 2020


This ring-based smart pulse oximeter provides continuous key health data such as blood oxygen and heart rate updates with great battery life. Nordic’s nRF52832 SoC makes it possible.

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Topics: wearables

RTOS: Real-Time Operating Systems for Embedded Developers

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien December 18, 2019

Embedded developers are often accustomed to bare metal programming or have reservations towards using an RTOS. Here’s what they are, and why you should consider using one.

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Topics: rtos

Bluetooth Mesh: A Glossary for Developers

By Bjørn Kvaale December 11, 2019

While Bluetooth mesh is related to Bluetooth, it does include some major differences that are reflected in the terminology. Here’s our guide to the must-know terms.

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Topics: bluetooth

How to Interface the Nordic Thingy:52 with Amazon Alexa

By Petter Myhre December 4, 2019

The Nordic Thingy:52 is designed to be as flexible as possible. With a few steps, it can even be controlled by the Amazon Alexa voice recognition system.

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Topics: thingy

Obvious: Product Management for Nordic Devices

By Petter Myhre November 27, 2019

Nordic customers can now make the most of their product’s spare computing capacity and open up new revenue streams with Obvious.

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Topics: OTA, Over-The-Air Updates

Meet the nRF5340, Nordic’s New Dual-Core Flagship SoC

By Petter Myhre November 20, 2019

The latest dual-core SoC from Nordic Semiconductor supports Bluetooth 5.1, Bluetooth mesh, NFC, Thread & Zigbee. Let’s take a closer look.

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Topics: nRF5340

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nordic’s Mobile Development Apps

By Dinesh Harjani November 13, 2019

We know many readers use Nordic’s nRF Connect for Mobile to help develop Bluetooth Low Energy projects. But there’s a few features you may not know about.

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Topics: app development

Bosch Sensortec BME680: The Nose of Nordic’s Thingy:91

By Petter Myhre November 6, 2019

We take a closer look at the Bosch Sensortec BME680, the environmental multi-sensor in the new Nordic Thingy:91 cellular IoT prototyping platform.

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Topics: thingy:91

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