Mesh + Cellular: Ideal Partners for Industrial IoT

By Lorenzo Amicucci December 5, 2018

Cellular IoT promises great benefits for complex industrial IoT implementations, but the real success stories could come when the emerging technology is paired with mesh networking.

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Topics: IIoT

Key-based security for home automation

By Pål Kastnes November 28, 2018

Authenticating and securing IoT devices for the smart home requires complex algorithms to do the job without compromising the user’s data. We take a look at how to enable efficient security using symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms.

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Topics: security

Memory in Bluetooth Development

By Get Connected Blog November 21, 2018

Get to know the differences between memory options and the trade-offs you need to make when working with Bluetooth development projects.

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Topics: flash memory

How to Childproof the IoT

By Eivind Sivertsen November 14, 2018

The Nordic-powered micro:bit is helping international researchers better understand how the digital native children of today expect to interact with connected devices in order to create a safer space to learn.

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Topics: IoT

Low Power Design for Industrial IoT

By Lorenzo Amicucci November 7, 2018

Designing IoT systems for harsh commercial environments places unique demands on developers to reduce power consumption. Let's take a closer look at what's involved.

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Topics: IIoT

Are There Enough IoT Engineers?

By John Leonard October 31, 2018

With demand for IoT devices continuing to soar, there is a real danger of running out of the talented people required to design, test and build them.

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Topics: Embedded development

Multi-Factor Authentication for IoT

By Get Connected Blog October 24, 2018

Applying multi-factor authentication to connected devices is tricky, but it can and should be done, especially on the administrative side of things.

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Topics: authentication

Smart Airport Takes Off in Germany

By Get Connected Blog October 17, 2018

Heavy-duty sensors and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is helping one German airport better manage its critical infrastructure, reducing a fuel supply bottleneck.

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Topics: NB-IoT, IIoT

How SMEs Can Get Started With Industrial IoT

By Get Connected Blog October 10, 2018

Small manufacturers play a critical role in keeping the world’s supply chain moving, yet adoption of Industrial IoT solutions by the group is lagging. What can be done?

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Topics: IIoT

Partnerships & Ecosystems for Industrial IoT

By Lorenzo Amicucci October 3, 2018

Advances in connectivity bring great opportunities for more companies to develop solutions for the IIoT. But doing it alone may not always be the best way forward.

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