Building winning healthcare wearables with Nordic's development tools

By Thomas Søderholm August 11, 2021

Wireless solutions are already playing an increasingly essential role in the future of global healthcare, but more innovation is needed.

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Topics: wearables, healthcare

Memory in Bluetooth Low Energy Development

By Get Connected Blog August 4, 2021

Get to know the differences between memory options and the trade-offs you need to make when working with Bluetooth Low Energy development projects.

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Topics: flash memory

M2M communications facing disruption as the sun sets on 2G and 3G networks

By Kristian Sæther July 28, 2021

While most consumers have long since stopped using these older networks, the companies relying on legacy M2M wireless connectivity should consider cellular IoT solutions.

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Topics: cellular IoT

Project Connected Home Over IP (Project CHIP) becomes Matter

By Krzysztof Loska July 21, 2021

To address the existing barriers to IoT growth and adoption and breathe new life into the smart home market, members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly Zigbee Alliance) have launched 'Matter' (formerly Project Connected Home Over IP or Project CHIP).

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Topics: Project CHIP, Matter

Hybrid LPWAN connectivity solutions driving smart meter roll-out

By Lorenzo Amicucci July 14, 2021

With the advent of powerful gateways providing both NB-IoT and LoRaWAN options, utilities need no longer exclusively select one cloud connectivity solution over another.

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Topics: smart metering

Building better asset trackers for monitoring fragile shipments

By Alf Helge Omre July 7, 2021

Bluetooth LE can be used to report on the condition of fragile cargoes, while cellular IoT can forward that data to the Cloud wherever there's telecoms infrastructure.

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Topics: asset tracking

How Bluetooth LE is improving bricks-and-mortar retail for consumers and stores

By Lorenzo Amicucci June 30, 2021

Bluetooth LE solutions are already increasing convenience and creating value for retailers and consumers alike. However, low power, short-range wireless tech is still only scratching the surface of the multitrillion-dollar global retail industry.

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Topics: Retail

RTOS: Real-Time Operating Systems for Embedded Developers

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien June 23, 2021

Embedded developers are often accustomed to bare metal programming or have reservations towards using an RTOS. Here’s what they are, and why you should consider using one.

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Topics: rtos

Wireless monitoring keeps precise track of tank levels

By Alf Helge Omre June 16, 2021

Lack of fuel can still be inconvenient, disruptive, and even life-threatening. Wireless level sensors are making sure we never run out.

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Topics: wireless technologies

Wireless contact tracing highly relevant in a post-COVID-19 world

By Thomas Søderholm June 9, 2021

With vaccination numbers increasing and the pandemic starting to decline, wireless contact tracing looks to adapt to new applications.

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Topics: contact tracing

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