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Clay is a Business Development Manager at Nordic Semiconductor, currently focusing on the global asset tracking market and all of the various use cases within this market that Nordic’s technology supports. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, focusing on RF and antenna engineering. Clay has held various positions in R&D, sales, and business development at a variety of hardware-focused technology companies.
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Farmed animal asset tracking with wireless tech

By Clay Hine December 21, 2022

It is hard to think of a profession facing a more trying set of circumstances than farming. Climate change has brought higher temperatures and lower winter rainfall. Soil erosion, a loss of biodiversity, as well as myriad pests and diseases add to the farmer’s burden.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, asset tracking

Agriculture gets smart with cellular IoT and Bluetooth LE

By Clay Hine November 30, 2022

The global agricultural and farming industry is facing a perfect storm. Earlier this month, the world population hit eight billion for the first time, in the two weeks since it has grown another 1.5 million. That is a lot of extra mouths to feed when there are already 690 million people going hungry, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, Sustainability

Remote industrial monitoring provides critical data and insights

By Clay Hine November 9, 2022

Monitoring different industrial quantities, and understanding what this data might represent, is important to many sectors – from manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, to mining, energy and utilities, among others.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Sustainability

Endangered wildlife has wireless lifeline

By Clay Hine October 26, 2022

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) regularly publishes a list of the world’s 100 most destructive species. Chief among the culprits are the likes of the Nile Perch and the small Indian mongoose, both voracious and opportunistic predators between them responsible for the extinction of well over 200 species. Luckily the IUCN list doesn’t include humans because when it comes to eliminating other species, we make the Nile Perch and small Indian mongoose look like amateurs.

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Topics: cellular IoT, asset tracking, Sustainability

Wireless tech keeps criminals in check

By Clay Hine September 22, 2022

For the length of human history, technology has played an important role in preventing theft. Before car keys, Henry Ford had to chain his car to a lamppost to avoid anyone with the strength to turn a physical crank from stealing it. Anti-theft technology has moved on significantly since Ford’s day, but so too have the criminals, and it’s not just cars they have in their sights.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, asset tracking

Wireless tech offers solution to logistics sector's greatest dilemmas

By Clay Hine March 30, 2022

Carrying more than 90 percent of the world’s goods—cargo worth an estimated $14 trillion each year—shipping containers are as essential to global logistics as ships, trains, and trucks. Keeping track of these ubiquitous steel boxes to ensure they and their contents reach their destination is a significant undertaking, with an estimated 65 million containers in circulation.

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, asset tracking

Consumers and retailers reap rewards of beacon advancements

By Clay Hine February 23, 2022

Beacon technology is rapidly evolving. Today's devices support use cases that extend from proactive retail engagement to indoor asset tracking and navigation in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and more.

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Topics: Bluetooth Low Energy

Cellular IoT asset tracking applications gain momentum

By Clay Hine October 13, 2021

The global asset tracking market is going places fast. In our increasingly connected world, technology designed to track valuable items, animals or even children, is becoming more prevalent and pivotal than ever before.

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Topics: cellular IoT, asset tracking

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