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John Leonard has a B.Sc (Hons) in Electronics and Computing from the University of Portsmouth in the UK. Leonard currently works as Product Marketing Manager in Product Management with responsibility for product support needs and staff training requirements. He has worked in various roles in the 12 years he has been with Nordic Semiconductor, including Field Applications Engineer and Regional Sales Manager in both US and Europe. Previously he has worked in Systems & Software within the defense industry. Outside of work Leonard enjoys playing guitar, reading and playing football.

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Bluetooth 5.1 Puts Bluetooth In Its Place

By John Leonard January 30, 2019

This week’s release of the Bluetooth 5.1 specification adds accurate positioning capability, a fundamental use case of many desired IoT applications.

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Why TrustZone Matters for IoT

By John Leonard January 23, 2019

IoT security remains the hot topic of the day. While discussions continue about the bigger picture, Arm TrustZone is a compelling technology for architected security at arguably the most vulnerable point in the chain, the ‘thing’ itself.

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Topics: security

Are There Enough IoT Engineers?

By John Leonard October 31, 2018

With demand for IoT devices continuing to soar, there is a real danger of running out of the talented people required to design, test and build them.

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Topics: Embedded development

Improved NFC Support in New iPhones

By John Leonard September 20, 2018

We expect NFC technology to gather pace in IoT solutions now that Apple has added native background tag reading support to the latest iPhone models.

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Topics: nfc

The Internet of Beer: IoT for Breweries

By John Leonard August 22, 2018

Bluetooth IoT solutions are overcoming indoor range challenges to help breweries improve condition monitoring and produce more consistent beers.

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Topics: range limitations

Vodafone Betting Big on NB-IoT

By John Leonard June 27, 2018

The IoT boss of one of Europe’s biggest telecoms companies is committing to NB-IoT, believing it is “the telecoms standard that will drive many of the products and services of the future.”

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Topics: cellular

The evolution of Bluetooth audio

By John Leonard June 13, 2018

Once known only for its audio capabilities, Bluetooth has evolved into a truly versatile wireless communications protocol. Yet the next chapter of Bluetooth sets the stage for audio to make a spectacular return.

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Topics: bluetooth

Bluetooth 5 in Smartphones

By John Leonard June 6, 2018

We are about to experience the tipping point in support for Bluetooth 5 among the most critical of user devices: the smartphone.

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Topics: bluetooth5

Smart Batteries: A market beyond the gadgets

By John Leonard March 14, 2018

Could the next move for technology giants be into the home energy market? One energy consultant seems to think so.

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Topics: battery

Smart clothes: The connected jacket

By John Leonard February 21, 2018

With the market for the first wave of wrist-worn wearables starting to mature, now’s the time to start getting creative. Will Levi’s and Google manage to take smart clothing into the mainstream?

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Topics: bluetooth, wearables

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