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Pär Håkansson holds an M.Sc. EE and a Technical Licentiate degree in communication electronics from Linköping University. Pär has extensive engineering experience starting as a RF Application Engineer. He spent the last decade in the low power wireless industry, holding positions in both research and business/marketing. Pär Håkansson joined Nordic Semiconductor in 2015 and currently works as a Strategic marketing manager. He also serves as a board member for the Thread Group.
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Key collaboration fast-tracks smart home vision

By Pär Håkansson January 27, 2021

Promoted by the 150 companies forming the Zigbee Alliance, Project CHIP could play a pivotal role in invigorating the relatively young smart home sector.

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Topics: smart home, thread, zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy

Why has Nordic Semiconductor joined the ZBOSS Open Initiative?

By Pär Håkansson May 20, 2020

Nordic Semiconductor joins the ZBOSS Open Initiative. How does that benefit our customers?

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Topics: zigbee

An Introduction to Thread

By Pär Håkansson March 18, 2020

Thread brings IPv6-based mesh networking to the Internet of Things. Let's take a closer look at this emerging protocol.

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Topics: thread

Why We’re Excited For Connected Home Over IP

By Pär Håkansson January 29, 2020


The well-kept secret is out of the bag: Connected Home over IP (CHIP) promises interoperability for smart home devices. We take a look at what this means for Nordic customers and other embedded developers.

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Topics: smart home

Particle Mesh to accelerate the Physical Internet

By Pär Håkansson March 21, 2018

The internet for the physical world – sensors, motors, pumps and valves – takes another step forward with the launch of the Particle Mesh development kits.

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Inside the Nordic Thingy

By Pär Håkansson March 8, 2018

With more than 10,000 devices sold, Nordic Thingy:52 is a development kit helping developers and IoT entrepreneurs build the connected products of the future. Here is everything you need to know.

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Topics: Bluetooth Low Energy, cloud services

Rapid prototyping: Develop the next great IoT app

By Pär Håkansson January 10, 2018

With 30 billion connected devices expected by 2020, IoT apps will need to be developed fast. But do we have the talent and time to meet that demand?

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Get started with the Nordic Thingy

By Pär Håkansson June 14, 2017

Nordic Thingy52_bg-1-490516-edited.jpg

Our new development kit allows everyone from beginner entrepreneurs to experienced software developers to prototype an IoT project. Here are several ways you could get started today.

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Develop IoT products with ease

By Pär Håkansson June 6, 2017

Keen entrepreneurs can now test out IoT ideas without any programming or hardware knowledge. The Nordic Thingy:52 is the development kit the IoT was waiting for!

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth bus ticketing trial in Britain

By Pär Håkansson March 22, 2017

Bus passengers in a town in northern England are testing a mobile ticketing system that uses Bluetooth beacons and a smartphone app instead of buying a ticket.

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