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Quuppa’s Direction Finding Experience Comes to Bluetooth

By Petter Myhre August 21, 2019

Quuppa are pioneers in the field of direction finding. By contributing to the standardization of it in Bluetooth 5.1, everyone can now leverage the benefits of interoperability.

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IoT Product Range Planning

By Petter Myhre July 11, 2018

Go beyond one product and offer your customers a range of options. This helps leverage your existing product development and increases the likelihood of meeting your customers’ needs.

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How to hack a casino

By Petter Myhre May 16, 2018

Another high-profile IoT security breach has hit the headlines as hackers used a connected fish tank to steal data from a North American casino. What lessons can we learn?

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Topics: security

IoT Product Strategy Planning

By Petter Myhre April 25, 2018

In the rush to hit the market with the latest and greatest technology, it’s tempting to cut corners in the product planning. But spending some time to take a strategic view is key to success.

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