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Memory in Bluetooth Low Energy Development

By Get Connected Blog August 4, 2021

Get to know the differences between memory options and the trade-offs you need to make when working with Bluetooth Low Energy development projects.

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The Difference Between Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

By Get Connected Blog May 26, 2021

The naming conventions for Bluetooth technologies have changed over the years and still cause confusion to this day. Here is everything you need to know.

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Taking full advantage of Bluetooth 5 capabilities in Smartphones

By Get Connected Blog May 5, 2021

With Bluetooth 5 specifications containing many optional features, smartphone manufacturers can choose to support these features or not. Still, they may claim that their smartphones are Bluetooth 5 compatible.

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The Importance of Product Certification

By Get Connected Blog April 20, 2021

Quality electronic devices for smart home and industrial applications include marks and labels indicating that they have passed a variety of important tests. With the rise of the maker movement, certification has never been more important.

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Finding your way with Bluetooth

By Get Connected Blog March 24, 2021

Bluetooth Direction Finding feature brings the possibility of absolute positioning of products and things in three-dimensional space to the world of low-power wireless connectivity.

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Tested by Nordic: Bluetooth Long Range

By Get Connected Blog December 23, 2020

In this popular article first published in 2018, we demystify the long range capabilities of Bluetooth Low Energy with a range test you can repeat for yourself.

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Are There Too Many Wireless Standards?

By Get Connected Blog December 9, 2020

From ANT to Zigbee, short-range wireless standards are everywhere these days. But looking at the history of technological innovation, we can say that consolidation is inevitable.

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Multi-Factor Authentication for IoT

By Get Connected Blog November 25, 2020

Applying multi-factor authentication to connected devices is tricky, but it can and should be done, especially on the administrative side of things.

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Topics: access control

How SMEs Can Get Started With Industrial IoT

By Get Connected Blog October 28, 2020

Small manufacturers play a critical role in keeping the world’s supply chain moving, yet adoption of Industrial IoT solutions by the group is lagging. What can be done?

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Topics: cellular IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh

Advanced Medical Monitoring: High Performance, Low Power

By Get Connected Blog January 2, 2020


This ring-based smart pulse oximeter provides continuous key health data such as blood oxygen and heart rate updates with great battery life. Nordic’s nRF52832 SoC makes it possible.

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Topics: healthcare, Bluetooth Low Energy

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