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How SMEs Can Get Started With Industrial IoT

Av Get Connected Blog October 10, 2018

Small manufacturers play a critical role in keeping the world’s supply chain moving, yet adoption of Industrial IoT solutions by the group is lagging. What can be done?

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Topics: IIoT

IoT Design by Playing Cards

Av Get Connected Blog September 26, 2018

Researchers from a top Norwegian University have designed a game to help players think about user-focused design for the IoT solutions of the future.

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Topics: cool stuff

Inside the Cloud with Nordic's IoT Lab

Av Get Connected Blog August 29, 2018

nRF Cloud is Nordic Semiconductor’s IoT platform for prototyping your connected device projects. We chat with the development team about the what, why and how, plus take a peek into the future.

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Are We Ready to Trust Healthcare AI?

Av Get Connected Blog August 8, 2018

Data-assisted healthcare could transform the way problems are diagnosed, but are we ready for that? Issues of trust may hold back progress, but Edge technology will show the way forward.

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Topics: healthcare

Are There Too Many Wireless Standards?

Av Get Connected Blog August 1, 2018

From ANT to Zigbee, short-range wireless standards are everywhere these days. But looking at the history of technological innovation, we can say that consolidation is inevitable.

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Topics: wireless technologies

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Av Get Connected Blog July 19, 2018

Are wearables about to transition from trendy lifestyle gadgets into lifesavers? Data-assisted healthcare could transform the way doctors diagnose problems.

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Topics: healthcare

Creating Coders of the Future

Av Get Connected Blog July 4, 2018

The CEO of Micro:bit joins us to talk about their mission to inspire kids around the world to get connected following their latest rollout in Denmark.

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Topics: microbit

Tested by Nordic: Bluetooth Long Range

Av Get Connected Blog May 31, 2018

We demystify the long range capabilities of Bluetooth Low Energy with a range test you can repeat for yourself.

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Topics: bluetooth5

The next big thing in IoT

Av Get Connected Blog May 2, 2018

Businesses and consumers are eagerly anticipating the continued advancement towards a connected world, but getting there will take step progress. Several leading young entrepreneurs have their say on what they think those next steps are.

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Topics: internet of things

The Spy Inside the Smart Home

Av Get Connected Blog April 4, 2018

Is the smart home ready for mass consumption? One researcher wasn’t so sure when setting out to find out what data is going where in her connected apartment.

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Topics: smart home

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