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Kristoffer is a Senior R&D Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor. His main responsibility is embedded firmware development in the Applications department. He holds a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
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Introducing the New Arduino Nano

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien September 18, 2019

Based on the powerful Nordic nRF52840 Bluetooth SoC, the Arduino Nano 33 BLE and BLE Sense are now available. Here’s what to expect, and what you can use them for.

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Topics: arduino

Bluetooth 5 for Remote Controlled Toys

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien May 1, 2019

The range advantages of Bluetooth 5 open up opportunities to use the communications protocol for a whole new application: remote-controlled toys and even drones.

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Tapping the Potential of Bug Reports from IoT Devices

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien April 3, 2019

When creating a connected product, issues such as upgrades, security and increased functionality often come to mind. How about product improvement through direct bug and usage reports?

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Topics: IoT

Feeding the World with Connected Crops

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien February 21, 2019

Growing enough food to feed the world’s exploding population is a rapidly accelerating challenge. Food production consumes considerable resources such as water and fertilizers. How can IoT play a part in the solution?

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Topics: IIoT

Smarter Farming with Connected Cattle

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien January 30, 2019

Industrialisation transformed farming. Could sensor technology and connectivity do the same all over again?

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Topics: connectivity

Wireless Network Topologies

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien December 27, 2018

Choosing the most appropriate network layout is vital to the efficient operation of any system. For wireless networks, this is highly relevant as it is tightly coupled to factors such as latency, power, speed and redundancy.

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Topics: network technologies

IoT Wireless Architecture

By Kristoffer Rist Skøien December 12, 2018

Before evaluating the various connectivity options for your IoT project, it’s important to understand the functional architecture of IoT solutions.

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Topics: connectivity

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