Things You Should Know About Bluetooth Range

Battling blazes with the IoT

Smart toy manufacturers enhance wireless educational gameplay

What’s next for Wi-Fi?

Farmed animal asset tracking with wireless tech

How Industrial IoT and ML are powering Industry 4.0

Winners aim to build a smarter sustainable world with Bluetooth LE

Agriculture gets smart with cellular IoT and Bluetooth LE

Smart circularity promises a less wasteful future

Towards a battery-free world for cellular IoT and other wireless technologies

Remote industrial monitoring provides critical data and insights

The next step for M2M communications

Endangered wildlife has wireless lifeline

Cellular IoT revitalizes the frozen drinks business

Where’s the hype in IoT now?

What makes Thingy:53 the ideal IoT prototyping tool for embedded ML projects?

What does the future of personal safety devices look like?

Wireless tech keeps criminals in check

Designing IoT products for many years of service

Wi-Fi 6 brings battery-powered IoT to Wi-Fi, Nordic brings longest battery life

Improving transport facilities with wireless wastewater management

Thread and IPv6: The smart protocol for tomorrow’s smart buildings

Shouting and listening: Extending Bluetooth LE range

Cellular IoT closes the gap between end-devices and the cloud

Upgraded Wi-Fi 6 improves the IoT

Harnessing man and machine’s strengths for better IoT outcomes with ML

Creating smart homes and building automation that are good for people and the environment

Contest winners demonstrate sustainability focus in cellular IoT innovation

Using IoT to get the most out of smart grids

Smart street lighting and cellular IoT is the gateway to the smart city

Creating a brighter future through digital education for all

Could DECT NR+ democratize massive IoT in 5G?

How to get even more from NB-IoT

Discovering innovative cellular IoT pioneers

Wireless access control benefits facility operators and occupants

LE Audio ready for developers of next-generation wireless sound products

Leak detection IoT technology saves homeowners and insurance claims

Matter promises to fulfill the smart home vision

Cellular IoT: A more intelligent way to combat water pollution

Powerful wearables herald new dawn for healthcare

Smarter cooking with connected appliances

IoT technology to deliver positive energy impact

Wireless tech offers solution to logistics sector's greatest dilemmas

Remote ID promotes drone flight safety and compliance

Cellular IoT predictions for 2022

Can remote patient monitoring improve the quality of healthcare?

Pandemic wireless technology dividend improves working conditions

Consumers and retailers reap rewards of beacon advancements

Coders get creative for cellular IoT design contest

Wireless tech keeps pace with medical science

Why are location services so crucial for asset tracking?

Transforming wired industrial sensors into IoT devices

How to trade-off location accuracy against battery life in cellular IoT asset trackers

Educating the next generation of coders

Bluetooth 5 Advertising Extensions

Wireless occupancy detection technology aids productivity and sustainability

Wireless technology helps boost pet health

What is DECT-2020 New Radio (NR), and how big a deal is it?

Connected IoT tech promotes accessibility for all

Nordic Semiconductor champions sustainability goals

Consumer appetite for sophisticated wearables demands wireless tech to match

LPWANs bridge the IoT divide

Nordic Partner Program help companies realize their IoT vision

Digital education initiative empowers disadvantaged students in Nigeria

Cellular IoT asset tracking applications gain momentum

Continued growth forecast for resilient Bluetooth and LE Audio technology

Plug-and-play development kits make cellular IoT accessible to everyone

Wireless protocols working together for the smart home

QFN and aQFN options for the nRF52840

Higher spectral efficiency and power-saving boost Wi-Fi's IoT credentials

Tiny machine learning now more accessible for developers

Cellular IoT sensors solve hidden pipeline problem for hydrocarbon processing industry

Building smarter grids with wireless technology

Building winning healthcare wearables with Nordic's development tools

Memory in Bluetooth Low Energy Development

M2M communications facing disruption as the sun sets on 2G and 3G networks

Project Connected Home Over IP (Project CHIP) becomes Matter

Hybrid LPWAN connectivity solutions driving smart meter roll-out

Building better asset trackers for monitoring fragile shipments

How Bluetooth LE is improving brick-and-mortar retail for consumers and stores

RTOS: Real-Time Operating Systems for Embedded Developers

Wireless monitoring keeps precise track of tank levels

Wireless contact tracing highly relevant in a post-COVID-19 world

Semiconductor demand points to a ‘new normal’ when production challenges are resolved

The Difference Between Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

Power Profiler Kit II brings greater insight to wireless power consumption

Micromobility solves 'last mile' problem and delivers whole new industry

Taking full advantage of Bluetooth 5 capabilities in Smartphones

How IoT-enabled predictive maintenance can support smart city infrastructure

The Importance of Product Certification

How cellular IoT is transforming the dated water cooler

‘State-of-the-heart’ wireless solutions improve cardiac health monitoring

First nRF5340 modules eliminate processor trade-off for developers

Finding your way with Bluetooth

Direction Finding solutions now ready for developers

Cellular IoT powers smart grid future

Apple releases HomeKit with Thread networking protocol

The IoT is the new normal

Smart limbs make heroes by design

Connected construction sites enhance productivity

The world of wireless smart music

Key collaboration fast-tracks smart home vision

New micro:bit V2 offers much more to tomorrow’s innovators

Digital diagnostics and IoT connectivity a potential COVID-19 game-changer

Has UWB found its killer application?

Tested by Nordic: Bluetooth Long Range

One step closer to Bluetooth LE Audio

Are There Too Many Wireless Standards?

Protecting COVID-19-vaccines

Multi-Factor Authentication for IoT

Cellular IoT smart meter boosts hydrogen energy sector

Bluetooth 5 for Remote Controlled Toys

Street lights to support interconnected smart cities

How SMEs Can Get Started With Industrial IoT

Saving the forests with wireless tech

Cellular IoT asset tracker ensures timely delivery of critical shipments

Wireless wellness

The Importance of Average Power Consumption to Battery Life

Wireless education tools help drive economic growth

COVID-19 battle inspires rethink on IoT privacy

Bluetooth Mesh for Industrial IoT

Why does the nRF5340 have two cores?

End-device certified embedded modems ease path to cellular IoT

Using wireless tech to track goods in transit

Mesh networks explained

Improve battery life in Ultra Low Power wireless applications

Power consumption explained

Wireless IoT Architecture

Flash memory and over-the-air firmware updates

Why AI is set to reshape the IoT

Network Topologies in wireless solutions

Exciting features in the new LE Audio Bluetooth standard

Thread Certification by inheritance facilitates project CHIP

Wireless solutions take sports tracking to new level

Infographic: What is PAN, BAN, WAN and LPWAN?

Bluetooth LE beacons pinpoint a single car amongst thousands

Why has Nordic Semiconductor joined the ZBOSS Open Initiative?

Bluetooth mesh in lighting: What comes next?

The rise of next-gen smart meters

How to Track Your Missing Assets

Eliminating Unplanned Downtime with Wireless Solutions

The new nRF Connect SDK, for short-range and cellular IoT applications

Technology takes the fight to coronavirus

Machine learning drives gesture control for resource-limited devices

Certifying a Cellular IoT Device

An Introduction to Thread

Building a mesh network

What is Cellular IoT?

Business models for Cellular IoT

How to charge for Cellular connectivity?

How LTE-M and NB-IoT Coverage Gets Rolled Out

Farm Jenny: Multiprotocol Horse Monitoring

Why We’re Excited For Connected Home Over IP

SensiML: Adding Real-Time Intelligence to Sensors

AntTail: Hassle-Free Temperature & Integrity Monitoring for Pharma

LE Audio unveiled as the next generation of Bluetooth audio, and Nordic will be a key player.

Advanced Medical Monitoring: High Performance, Low Power

Bluetooth Mesh: A Glossary for Developers

How to Interface the Nordic Thingy:52 with Amazon Alexa

Obvious: Product Management for Nordic Devices

Meet the nRF5340, Nordic’s New Dual-Core Flagship SoC

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nordic’s Mobile Development Apps

Bosch Sensortec BME680: The Nose of Nordic’s Thingy:91

Animal Tracking: Cellular IoT In The Field

Introducing the nRF52833: An Ideal SoC for Industrial IoT

Thread Connected Hangers in a Parisian Boutique

A Path to Industrial IoT Without Coding

Preventing Theft With Cellular IoT & Real-Time Tracking

Nordic Cellular IoT Solution Certified By Verizon

Introducing the New Arduino Nano

Senic: Natural Control For IoT Devices

Simplify Cellular IoT Prototyping With Nordic Thingy:91

The Connected Technologies Saving Physical Retail

Quuppa’s Direction Finding Experience Comes to Bluetooth

5G: A Gamechanger for Gaming

Distributed Intelligence with Wirepas Mesh

Apple Goes All-In On HomeKit Privacy

NB-IoT Field Trials in Germany a Success

Cortex-M: Machine Learning at the Edge

nRF9160 Enters Mass Production

Introducing Zigbee All Hubs

Top Accessories for the Micro:Bit

The Difference Between SIM, eSIM & iSIM

Adafruit’s Feather nRF52840 Express Board and Developing with CircuitPython

AT&T Launches NB-IoT Network In USA

Keeping Cryptocurrency Transactions Secure

Nordic Thread Solution and IoT Core Demonstrated at Google I/O

Bluetooth Beacons in the Rijksmuseum

Connectivity For Massive IoT Device Deployments

Arm Platform Security Architecture: Can It Secure The IoT?

Tapping the Potential of Bug Reports from IoT Devices

Introducing the Zerynth Platform

How IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance Can Reduce Costs

Privacy and Bluetooth Mesh

Inspiring 100,000 More Kids Into Technology

Feeding the World with Connected Crops

Nordic Goes Cellular: Introducing the nRF91 Series

The Worldwide Rollout of Cellular IoT

Smarter Farming with Connected Cattle

Why TrustZone Matters for IoT

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